Leaders Conquer for El Conquistador


About twice a year, Primerica leaders have the chance to qualify for an incredible business trip to an exotic location. The most recent incentive trip competition brought three phases of qualifiers to the “Island of Enchantment,” and the stunning El Conquistador Resort.







This resort, perched high atop a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, welcomed 1,500 top leaders and hot up-and-comers for a getaway to remember. Attendees were treated to delectable food, powerful speakers, exciting recognition, and fantastic accommodations.

Check out these photos from the events, held February 10-13, 2015, February 13-16, 2015, and February 16-19, 2015.


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Make Finances Romantic This Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, gift givers plan to spend an average of about $134.* Men say they will spend nearly twice the amount women plan to spend. Greeting cards and candy remain popular purchases, and about a third (mostly men) say they plan to buy flowers.* You don’t have to spend a bundle to have a meaningful Valentine’s Day this year.

Just spend time together. Studies show that time spent together brings more happiness than exchanging expensive presents. Instead of spending big bucks on presents this year, think of activities you both enjoy – like seeing a movie or making a meal together—and focus on each another instead.

Make a money date. Set a regular time – say once a month – to discuss your finances together. If you think that sounds unromantic, consider this: a 2014 survey of married couples found that 73% of women and 60% of men find their spouse more attractive when he or she was willing to talk about personal finances and credit.*

*Kiplinger’s, February 2015


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Primerica Names New CEO

Primerica has announced that Glenn Williams, the company’s current president, has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer and has also been elected to the Board of Directors. Current Co-CEOs John Addison and Rick Williams will remain members of the board, with Williams continuing to serve as Board Chairman and Addison continuing to serve as Chairman of Primerica Distribution. These promotions will be effective April 1, 2015, the fifth anniversary of Primerica becoming a publicly traded company. This is great news for our company. Get the full Primerica story here!



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Holiday Shopping Mistakes to Avoid


As we head into the holiday shopping season, try to steer clear of these common holiday shopping mistakes:

1. Not shopping with a list. If you’re shopping without a list, you are at the mercy of impulse shopping—not a good place to be. Make a list and check it twice.

2. Not tracking holiday spending. The little things—table decorations, wrapping paper, gift cards—add up to a lot.

3. Not looking for a discount. Paying full price when you can find a better deal on just about anything doesn’t make much sense. Do a little research before you head out—and don’t wait until last minute panic sets in.

4. Not giving handmade gifts. When you buy prepackaged gift packages and baskets you pay top dollar. Make your own gifts—such as cookies and other homemade treats—and you’ll score extra points for thoughtfulness and save a bundle.

5. Not thinking outside the package. Want an easy (and low cost) way to check several folks off your list? Buy items in a multipack and break them up into individual gifts.

Did you know? 57% of people reported the greatest happiness from spending money on experiences, compared to just 34% who found happiness from buying material things.1 Why? It turns out we create lasting memories with friends and family when we invest in activities, but our excitement over new things wears off quickly.



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Service is a Lifestyle for Primerica Employees


In addition to their stellar personal service efforts, Primerica Home Office workers participate in the Gwinnett County, GA, Great Day of Service every year. At the end of October, a team of workers volunteered at the Lawrenceville Housing Authority, an organization that offers affordable rental units to low-income families. At the Rich Martin Property, employees installed 78 pairs of shutters on the units, pressured washed homes, planted more than 100 shrubs, built a pergola for the playground area and repaired two retaining walls.

20141024_095050 20141024_114854  20141024_130713 20141024_162205 IMG_0277 IMG_0220 IMG_0217 IMG_0214 IMG_0211

“The Great Days of Service project is special to Primerica volunteers,” says Laura Gibbs, AVP of Community Service. “We completed all of our projects, and it was due to the enthusiasm and take-charge attitude of our volunteers.”

Karen Fine, Primerica EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer enthused, “I was so proud of our team and the effort they put forth to upgrade and beautify the residents’ homes.”



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